What I do, Internet Marketing In Brief

Internet Marketing In Brief

It’s not always easy trying to describe a business that most people are unfamiliar with. And, of the few who are, it seems vague and incomplete.

In the simplest terms, I try to discover a need, create a solution to fill that need, then attempt to sell that solution. And I try to accomplish this through one of my websites.

For example, someone is suffering from persistent headaches. They search the internet for “persistent headaches”. Assuming I have done my research correctly, optimized my site, done some work at creating traffic and interest, then hopefully, people find my site and purchase my product.

Headache is a fairly ubiquitous problem with many online solutions, so let’s say we wanted to get more specific and target a smaller group. We might create a website for, “Fitness for men over 40”

The point is to discover a need that people are already searching the internet for and try to fulfill that need. The easiest and most effective way to do this is by building a mailing list.

So now, someone visits my fitness over 40 site, but instead of directly trying to sell them something, I offer them something free. For example, “your simple 20 minutes a day workout plan”

In order to receive this workout plan, they must sign up with their email address. This allows me, legally to keep in touch and send them additional emails. Additionally, it affords me multiple attempts to sell my product, instead of just one.

This is just a quick outline of what I do, not a thorough treatment on how to do it. For that, you’ll either have to follow my blog or sign up for my list 🙂