Try this on Facebook

I wrote an article awhile back about how to think about traffic. I alluded to the fact that when we think about traffic sources, we should probably also think about what people are actually doing at that site. In other words, what are their goals?

For example, are you are using a traffic exchange site to try to get traffic? I understand that you want lead and buyers, but unfortunately other users of these exchanges are only trying to get traffic, they are not your buyers. At least not at that juncture.

I started to think about Facebook, and how best to use Facebook keeping in mind this new strategy.

Using the same way of thinking, what are Facebook users looking for? I believe that they are looking for leads the same as you are. So what is the solution? I believe there are two steps:

  1. Get their attention
  2. Be better than they are

How to use Facebook

Facebook decides who sees your posts using a mechanism called EdgeRank. An “Edge” is an engagement. In other words, I post a thought and someone “likes” that thought, that’s called an Edge.

Every engagement is an Edge. Every like, every share, every comment on one of your posts is an Edge and scores points with the Facebook algorithm.

So here’s what to do. First, post a lot. This gives more opportunities for engagement. Second, ask for help and comments. One of my favourites is, “I’m looking to purchase solo ads, if anyone is selling please comment.”

Now I have people’s attention. Now, people want me to buy their solo ads so I will get lots of comments. Gradually, all of my posts will start to be shown to more and more people. And more importantly, it will get the attention of people who are already making things happen.

Step three is crucial

You MUST be better than the marketers who think they are better than you. Remember, they either agreed to your friend request or they requested to be friends with you because they are going to try to sell to you.

Imagine if you showed them that they could learn from you instead of the other way around. Now you have someone that you already know is a mover now following you. That is very valuable.

Continue to provide valuable content, continue to make your sign up page readily apparent. This will make your business grow and prosper.