The Relationship Between Experienced Marketers and New Marketers

It seems there are a very large number of new marketers entering the landscape. But are they marketers at all? Many experienced marketers complain about the quality of their marketing lists. Likewise, many less experienced marketers who are on theses lists complain about the quality of the marketers. This stems from a lack of understanding regarding the relationship.

This is a marketing relationship. When I sign up for someone’s list, I expect to learn one of two things, either what to do, or what not to do. Therefore, no matter whose list I’m on, I’m going to learn something. Conversely, we can quite confidently separate these less experienced marketers into three distinct groups: Marketers, Buyers, information freebie seekers. Let us look at each group in order.

Information Freebie Seekers.

This is the common group. If you are in this group, you are simply joining list after list, trying to get as much free information as you can. There is a very slim chance that you might be able to piece together enough information to help you to build a business, but it’s unlikely. Although, certainly not impossible.


We love this group. You guys try to buy as much as you can because you think that there is a money button in there somewhere. You possibly are willing to work to build your business, but more likely you’re hoping that if you spend enough money, things will magically fall into place.


This is a more methodical group. You are getting on people’s lists because you want to see what others are doing and you want to see what you can apply to your business. If you happen to come across a product that makes sense with a strategy that you wish to add to your business you will make a purchase.