My traffic Vision

Photo by Felix Russell-Saw on Unsplash

A comfortable buyer is a long term buyer

It seems to me that the single biggest concern every marketer has, is traffic.

On the surface, that would seem reasonable.  No traffic, no business.  I don’t think that is the case,and the people who believe that traffic is the be all and end all of your business are wrong. It is wrong to think that more traffic will save your flailing business.  But I’ll get into that a little bit deeper later in this article.

Traffic isn’t a big puzzle that people seem to think it is.  You can just buy it… that’s as simple as it needs to be.  What’s hard is turning that cold traffic into warm traffic and eventually into paying customers.

10 paying customers is better than 1000 cold prospects… agreed?

One of my primary mentors, Sean Mize, says that you should go to where your buyers are.  Good advice, straightforward and deceptively simple.  If your niche is organic dog food, go to where there are buyers of organic dog food.  Or buyers of passive dog training. Or even buyers of fine dog leashes and collars, just anywhere people are who really want to take care of their dogs.

These could be forums, blogs, facebook groups or even other interactive sales pages.

Or you could think of this another way.  Before you invest your time or money, consider what are people here to do?  In other words, have you found a forum or blog of buyers or other sellers?

Before you decide to try easy traffic methods, such as giveaways, safelists or other questionable traffic methods, remember those people are trying to sell to you, not buy from you.  I’m also beginning to put Facebook into that group as well.  So if you chose those methods, and they might just work, you’ll need to be much better than everyone else.  You’ll need to make the people who think they know it all, suddenly believe that they can learn from you.

Back to my original premise.  Is more traffic the magic bullet that’s going to save your business?  On it’s own, I still believe no.

10 people who have learned to like and trust you are better than 1000 people that you are just going to hit with sales page after sales page.  Trust me, I’ve tried it both ways.

You need to give before you can receive.  Create a number of high quality emails or blog posts that people can really learn from.  It’s human nature, if people feel like you’ve genuinely helped them, they will want to help you in return.