List Building Method- the Benefits of Giving Products Away For Free

here are a number of reasons why it is beneficial to give away free eBooks to your list members. Beyond the reasons that you might think like, “it makes you feel good” we are In this business to make money, not to make ourselves feel good.

When I say free, I am suggesting that there be no charge at all, not even the price of having to enter your email address in exchange for the product. I do not consider an opt in eBook to be free. It costs me my email address and I believe that many others are starting to see it that way too.

1. Your list members are compelled to click on your link. Set up your free products on a sub-domain of your main website. Then your email should read something like this: “click here to download your free eBook” By setting up your eBook download as a link from your website, you will be increasing your traffic to your website and thereby improving your page ranking.

2. If you use an alterable product such as a Private Label Rights product or if you create your own, you will be able to place links to either your own products or to your affiliate products. Since you are offering it free, you will find that a very high percentage of your subscribers will click on it and download it. In addition, if you offer giveaway rights or resale rights, then you will be putting your free product in a position to go viral.

3. You will create a sense of trust with your subscribers. They will see the product that you are offering for free, and if it is high enough quality, they will begin to imagine how high quality your paid products must be.