How To Start an Affiliate Campaign With No Money

Starting a business requires a number of things: An idea, a desire, execution and money. this is just as true in the internet marketing business as it is in the plumbing business or any other business. The exception is that in the internet marketing business it is at least possible to get started without money. Not recommended, but possible.

Many people need help because they are trying to launch an internet marketing campaign, but they have no money to get started. While I try to caution people that it is easier if you have some capital to spend, some people really don’t have anything.

Here, in a nutshell, is what I would do if I had no money but lots of time. In fact, this is what I did when I had no money, but not much time either, but I still pulled in about $500 per month. With some time on your hands you should be able to do much, much better.

Pick 5 ClickBank products. I would not try to tackle internet marketing and money making products because of the intense competition. Stick with other niches such as relationships, weight loss, eBay, things like that. If you have $10 to spend then buy 5 .info domain names.

Write as many articles as you can on each of those products.

Use your .info domain names to redirect to your hoplink for the sales page of the ClickBank product. If you buy through Namecheap for example, you can do it directly in their own platform.

Assuming that you don’t even have $10 to spend, your next step might be to find a free blogging platform, such as hubpages,, or my personal favourite, wealthyaffiliate. Using Wealthyaffiliate, you can set up two free blogs and get some useful affilate marketing help all with a free membership.

Remember that most article directories, will not allow you to link directly to an affiliate link, but they will allow you to link to your own top level domain that redirects to your affiliate campaign.

Like any business, it takes some kind of investment to become very successful in it. So if you are going to use this method to start your business, be sure to put some of your profits into your business, so that you can begin to grow and really profit.