Free Traffic Tactics to Earn You Between 20 and 35 New Subscribers, Every Week

trafficMy goal here is to outline each of three free strategies giving you enough information to get started today. Anything that I might leave out can be learned over time and practice or by a simple google search.

These are only free methods that I’m discussing here. Any paid methods that I use such as Bing ads, Facebook ads, or solo ads, are also very effective but beyond the purview of this article.

Again, I reiterate, you can read this article and start generating traffic immediately… today!

It is also important to remember that whether or not you believe these methods can work, they do. And they work well for me. You’ve probably been told that article marketing doesn’t work, but it it does. Although article marketing still works very well, its a little more complicated than it used to be. There are a few more steps involved.

You must be asking “ So why have I heard so much that article marketing doesn’t work?” In my opinion, they are trying to sell you something else, the newest thing. Theoretically, you’ve already bought everything they have to sell you about article marketing, so now they have to sell you something else. I know this sounds pessimistic, but I believe it to be true. I’m certainly not one to sugar coat things.

So, consider this a bonus tactic, ARTICLE MARKETING STILL WORKS. Again, its just different and a little more complicated than it used to be, as a result, I haven’t included a detailed explanation in this report.

My point behind all that?

Don’t let anyone tell you that a given tactic doesn’t work. Everything that I’m going to share with you, I use and I use everyday. In addition, for them to work, you have to be consistent. You can’t do something one night then not do anything for another week. Traffic has to be 80% of your time spent on your online business… schedule it.

Tactic Number 1 . List Builders.

Hey, lets be honest, some things are a numbers game. You can use list builders to blast out 3000 ads at one time. Of those 3000 emails, you might only get 10 or 20 subscribers, but imagine doing that every week.

Step 1. Sign up for a list builder. My personal favorite is List Joe. But there are probably hundreds of others.

Step 2. Create your “swipe file” this is the text that is going to be emailed to other subscribers of the same service.

Step 3. Enter the url of your page

step 4. Watch out for emails from other List Joe members, you will receive about 10 per day. Click on the link, this is how you build up credits to send out your own messages.

This technique earns me about 5-10 new subscribers per day.

Tactic Number 2 . Free Giveaways.
Yes this still works too. It is sad how many things still work but people aren’t using them anymore simply because a few marketers have something else to sell. Free giveaways still work. I get about 5- 10 subscribers from every giveaway I enter. Of course, I get a lot more if I opt in for the paid event.

Every giveaway is going to offer you the opportunity to put your squeeze page in front of potentially thousands of new subscribers.

Tactic Number 3 . Forum Posting.
An oldie but a goodie. It doesn’t matter what your niche is, there is at least one forum and quite probably, more than one that cater to that niche. Effective forum posting can earn you visitors to your site and subscribers… Daily. I can usually add around 5 per day using this method. So, if I post consistently every day… (okay, lets say I skip a day) I’m adding 30 subscribers per week.
Step 1. create your signature which includes a link to the site that you are promoting.
Step 2 you find a thread that you are able to contribute to intelligently.
Step 3. Make an intellegent contribution.

This technique earns me about 10- 15 new subscribers every week.

In conclusion

So these are just a few of the tactics that you can use. If you use them consistently, you should be able to consistently drive traffic to your site and add numbers to your lists.
I chose those three techniques because they’re easy to do and infinitely repeatable. Once you have your giveaway ready, you simply copy and paste the same giveaway to as many as you want. There is always one going on.
Same with the list builders. Once you’ve set up your campaign, its about 5 seconds work once a week.
Forum posting? Create you signature one time, post an infinite number of responses to people’s concerns and questions.
Don’t believe me? If you read this far, I’m betting that you are on board with everything that I’ve shared with you. I keep saying, and I truly believe that the only reason you keep reading that certain methods don’t work anymore is that marketers have discovered other things to sell you.