Exact Match Domain or Branded

Are exact match domains still the way to go?

Are exact match domains still the way to go?

What do Ebay, Kijjiji, Amazon, Alibaba, Yahooo, and even googles all have in common?

The domain for their site has nothing to do with what the websites does.

This brings us to the question of exact domain matching and how effective it really is. Many marketers now are struggling with the question, should I use exact domain matching or should I choose a branded domain name.

What’s the difference?

We know what exact domain matching is, but what do I mean by a branded domain? A branded domain is a domain name that has nothing to do with the content of the site. What is an eBay anyway? We know what Amazon is, it’s a river and a jungle. But what is the first thing that comes to mind for most of when we hear the name Amazon… probable an ecommerce site.

It’s all about the branding.

But what about exact match domains?

There is certainly an argument to be made for using exact match domains. They are thought to receive higher rankings in the search engines as a result of their keyword density, but if they’re too keyword dense, we all know that can hurt your rankings.

Additionally, Google recently announced that exact match domains with lower quality content would be penalized in their ranking system.

It might be time to experiment with branded domains. Not only are the easier to find, but allows us to be more creative in our domains. It’s likely that the domain rockingchair.com is not available ( although I haven’t checked) but I’d be willing to bet that wobblypirate.com is available.

It’s also easier for people to remember more unusual concepts.

I own a number of exact match domains, but I’m moving to branded domains and I’ll tell you why.

1. It allows me more freedom within my niche. If I purchase the domain fitnessformenover40.com then guess what my websites will be about. But if I put my website on happybananas.com, then set up my site with excellent keywords and content, then I’m free to branch out however I want.

2. I believe the trend toward penalizing exact match domains will continue. They look spammy and manipulative to me. I’m sure they look that way to google.

3. They’re easier to find. Like I said before, I’d be willing to bet that fishingtips.com is taken but bamboowarriors.com is more likely to be available.

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