Developing An Action Plan: Advice for New Marketers

Too often, beginning marketers are hampered by the inability to begin putting their ideas to work. This is in large part due to the lack of a plan, not by the lack of ideas.

Most marketing plans begin with the discovery of the niche. We have to begin by asking ourselves, what constitutes an effective and a workable niche. There are two main criteria for niche selection: What information are people already searching for, and what information are people willing to pay money to acquire.

The best way to find what people are already searching for is to use one of the many free keyword research tools that are available. Simply conduct a search engine query for “free keyword research tool” and you will be presented with many different options. Then it is simply a matter of suggesting possible topics to research.

For beginning marketers, it is best to stay in the traditional topics of “health, wealth and relationships” with a few exceptions, it is thought that people are willing to spend money in those areas, more than in most others.

Once we have established a niche, it is time to decide what we are going to do in that niche to profit from it. The easiest way for most to get started is to simply find a product that we can sell as an affiliate. To do this, visit one of the many websites that feature products from which we can select. Again, you can conduct a utilize a search engine for this purpose.

By now, we should have a niche, and an affiliate product to try to drive traffic to. Many of the good affiliate programs will give you ideas regarding how best to drive traffic to their products. However, some of the methods most often considered are article writing, forum posting, classified ads, and even offline advertising.

If you have read this post all the way through, you probably think that it is incomplete. You wonder whether or not there is more to it. The short answer to that is “not really”. This short action plan summary is really all there is to it.

Of course, I could go into more detail regarding traffic generation, landing pages or product review sites, but this piece is designed for beginners. It is important to master the basics first. Learn to find a niche, select a product, and send traffic to your affiliate link, going too far ahead in the beginning will only lead to frustration and ultimately, failure.

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