Dealing With Success RoadBlocks


I was talking to a friend the other day, he was telling me about a new idea he had for a business. Specifically, it was a product that he was going to create and sell on ebay.
Of course, I can’t share what the idea is but I thought it was a good idea… easy to make, easy to ship, high perceived value.
He figures that it would take about an hour for him to build and the supplies are really easy to source. He can custom build to anyone’s preference. In other words, someone can email him and say, “I enjoy -blank- movie or -blank- band, can you make one for me?”

He will say, “Yes I can”.
By now, you are probably thinking, why doesn’t he just do it?
As an entrepreneur myself, I asked him the same question. In fact, I asked him to make one for me, money is no object.
So why doesn’t he just do it? – He’s afraid someone will copy his idea.
That doesn’t make sense, right. He’s not using his own idea because he’s afraid someone will copy it.
I tried to explain to him that, yes it is a relative easy thing to copy but…
1. If he never does it, he’ll never profit from his own idea.
2. Most people have no idea where to source the supplies
3. Most people don’t have the know-how to create the printed material needed.
4. Most people won’t get off their couches long enough to do it anyway

So here is my question for you.. Are you this guy?
Are you not implementing your own ideas because you have thrown up a bunch of roadblocks? If so, how do we get rid of these roadblocks?
Here are some suggestions.
1. Picture the end result, not the work.
Here’s what I mean. All you are likely thinking about is how much work it will take to implement your idea. Start thinking about how your life will improve once you have succeeded. Picture yourself enjoying the result. Imagine how excited my friend will be once he doesn’t have to work anymore and he can earn a living from his creations.
2. Ask a friend.
Ideally a successful one, or at least a sympathetic friend. Not all friends are nurturing. Some will tell you that your idea is stupid and you shouldn’t waste your time. Ask one who you know will support you, one who will say, “hey, let’s go out for coffee and work on some ways to implement your excellent idea.
3. Just get started.
Deal with the roadblocks as you go. Become a problem solver. Is there anything that you have ever done, that you did perfectly the very first time you did it? Probably not. I know I didn’t, I had to work for every little thing I have… And you will too.


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