Affiliate Income – Three Ways to Better Help Your List Members

It is interesting to me how much like regular offline sales is affiliate marketing. When I was a regular working person, I spent a lot of time working in sales. However, I would tell anyone who listened that “even though I have been in sales for years, I have never sold any thing in my life.”

What did I mean by this? To me, selling something, involves me trying to convince someone to buy. I prefer to take time to discover needs, then meet those needs…No selling involved!

This is the same approach internet marketers should use when mailing to their lists. There is a simple rule that some marketers follow, if it doesn’t have value, and its not what your list members need, then don’t send it. There is an easy way to find out what they need.

Method one: Have a small text at the bottom of each email in your auto responder series that says, “was this email of use to you? Why or Why not? Just hit the reply button.

Method two: The “I need your help” email. Send out an email every few weeks that asks your list members a simple question: “what do you need from me?” Ask them what they are having there biggest challenges with, or what their goals are. Any question that get your list members active, will give you the opportunity to better meet their needs.

Method three: Offer a conference call with a limited number of your list members. The software for this is relatively easy to acquire. Then you simply begin a discussion and find out what are the challenges that are facing them.

The bottom line is, if you don’t know what your customers need are, it will be impossible to meet their needs.