5 Habits of Very Successful Internet Marketers

Habits of successful internet marketers

Habits of successful internet marketers

1. Be Realistic about success

Very many of us are happy earning a few thousand dollars a month. At that level of income, most people will no longer need to rely on a full-time job in order to make ends meet and pay the bills. That is my idea of success.

Maybe you could change your financial situation drastically if you could just earn an extra $200 a month, that can be a very good and attainable level of success.

2. Don’t work too hard.

This is not an overnight success type of business, it requires work but you need your rest as well. If you are building your business every waking hour, you are more likely to wear yourself down before you achieve any appreciable level of success.

3. Maintain a To Do List

The biggest time waster in the career of the internet marketer, is the internet itself. Once we get online to do some work, it is too easy to become distracted. We might check our email to see if there are any additional words of wisdom from another marketer, then we check our PayPal account to see if there is any new money there, then we might relax with a round of Facebook Poker. Sitting down to work with your to do list in hand will help you to avoid those distractions.

Personally, I also maintain what I call an “always do list.” My always do list, is a simple list of things that I can do when I have time to work but I can’t think of anything to do. My list has items like; write an article, create backlinks, comment on a blog.

Simply put, whenever I find myself distracted, I can refer to my always do list, to get me back on track.

4. Be Patient

Internet marketing is not get rich quick. In fact, for most people online marketing is not get rich at all! As I said in the first point, success if relative. Nothing you do is going to earn you success overnight. Very many things are not going to earn you success at all. Whenever you decide to try something new, you need to give it time to see if is going to work.

5. Stay Educated!

Just like a good doctor or teacher must keep their skills current, a good salesperson, even an online salesperson must keep up to date on the newest trends. One of the best ways to stay educated is to get on the lists of the biggest names in internet marketing and do your best to copy what they do. Read their emails, click on their links, do whatever you have to do to mimic and learn their style. There is a very good reason why these people are so successful. Find out what that reason is.


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