3 Tips on How To Generate Website Traffic

It is starting to look as though traffic generation is the biggest obstacle to online success. This seems to play out in many internet marketing forums that I look at, as well as many published surveys that I have read.

It is for this reason, that I have decided to spend a few minutes discussing a few of the free traffic techniques that many successful marketers employ. Please bare in mind as you read these traffic generation tips, that there are very many more that you could try. In addition, there are very many more that are effective but cost money.

Article Writing is, far and away, my favourite traffic generation method. I personally do very many others but I believe that articles are the most effective for two reasons: One is that fewer people are doing it, and two because it creates a sense of trust.

Why are fewer people doing it? There has been a lot of hype lately about the death of article marketing. Those of us who continue to have success from writing and submitting articles are applauding this development. With fewer people doing it, the rest of us are having greater success than ever.

Why does it create trust? This is primarily because, if you read through, understand, and agree with what you’ve read, you are far more likely to trust me in the future.

Blog Commenting has many of the same benefits of article writing. The positive, it is a lot faster to comment on a blog than to write an entire article. The negative, your blog comment is far less likely to be read and clicked than an article. However, if you were to spend 15- 30 minutes a day making intelligent, relevant and thoughtful comments on high ranking blogs, you will get traffic, there is no way to stop it.

A simple search engine query will help you to find all of the high ranking blogs you need.

Backlink Generation: Think backlink. The other two methods that I have discussed are, on their own, very effective at driving traffic. However, they also have the supplementary effect of creating backlinks.

Everytime you post on a blog or write an article, you have a very good chance that someone will click on one of your links. But also, you create a backlink to your site. Search engines regard this as a good thing. Every backlink to your site, is like a “vote” for your site, and all other things being equal, sites with more quality backlinks will rank higher than sites with fewer backlinks.