18 Easy Ways To Increase Your Website And Sales Conversions

1. In your sales copy, insure that browsers pay attention to your main points by using formated subheadlines, bullet points, and/or graphics. Many people just skim through text and don’t read it carefully, so you need to have the main ideas jump out at them. Just be careful not to use too many or you risk making the page look cluttered.

2. Keep the sales process as short and simple as possible. Every page inserted into the sales process is a potential chance for the customer to lost interest and click away. Of course it is ok to insert pages such as upgrade offers and upsell/downsell strategies, but make sure you plan your process carefully.

3. Offer “basic” and “full” options to your offers. Some people always want the bargain priced product, and some people always want the top of the line, so having a two-tiered pricing setup gives you the most opportunity to monetize that visitor. Keep it simple and clear. You can also use terms like “lite”, “standard”, “advanced” and “pro”.

4. Earn their trust. Make your company contact info easy to find, and if appropriate, add an “about us” section or page to identify you or your company.

5. If you have one, tell a story. A short, simple, interesting story that vistors can relate to can really grab their attention and convert them into buyers.

6. If it is a high ticket item, for example over $500, offer more than one payment option if possible. This will help you retain potential customers that might not have been able to afford the full price all at once.

7. If you are a member of any certified or accredited business organizations, make sure to display their logo.

8. Near your call to action, have a graphic that reminds your customers that their information is safe and confidential.

9. Make your customer aware that they will be supported. A small box or set of bullet points explaining your support options helps customer feel comfortable with their purchase.

10. A video demonstration of your product is and excellent way to increase conversions. It is pretty easy to use a slide-style presentation with voice over if you don’t want to appear on video yourself. Just make sure the quality of the video and audio is clear and concise.

11. Use specific case studies if possible. Verifiable proof is a great way to earn a potential customers trust.

12. Optimize your site for fast loading. Be aware of your image sizes and other larger files that might slow down load time. Even though your connection might be very fast, many of your customers might still be on a slower connection like dial up.

13. Guide the visitor down the path. Make sure the steps you want them to follow are clear. Confusing navigation is a major reason people get annoyed by a website.

14. Rehash to minimize loss of sales. Have a small box or bit of copy that refreshes your valuable offer and guarantee in the customers mind right at the point sale.

15. It might all make perfect sense to you, but you would be surprised what an inexperienced 3rd party might be confused by. Have someone that is not familiar with your project go through your sales process. Their feedback might surprise you!

16. Highlight your guarantee. A guarantee is a great selling aid, but not if the customer doesn’t notice it!

17. Use real testimonials. You can have both testimonials from users that are similar to your potential clients, as well as testimonials from industry experts or peers. Split test to find out where they are most effective on the page. Many times it is near the call to action.

18. Use specific numbers instead of generalizations. People pay more attention to specifics. Notice that the name of this article is “18 Easy Ways To Increase Your Website And Sales Conversions”, not something generic like “A Bunch Of Ways…”.